Your true power is found within.

Hi, My name is Micah.
For the last decade I have been studying and practicing various forms of what could be termed “energy work” or “energy healing” and experiencing the benefits in my life. I am certified and trained in meridian tapping, animal magnetism, hypnosis and various forms of meditation, breathwork, qigong and nature cures. I have traveled and studied in the US, China and Southern France to receive certification in these various modalities.
I have experienced success in dealing with trauma and anxiety as well as PTSD. I understand how the mind works. Especially the subconscious memories, beliefs and programs which can either hold us back or empower us.
I maintain a regular practice of meditation, breathwork, yoga and qigong. This has developed my abilities as a healer. I am not special. I just show up, do the work and put in the time. This has led to a steady increase in my skills and abilities as a healer. And it has increased my own energy levels and the quality of energy I experience in my life.
These practices have also led to direct experience with energies and intelligences which I now know are real and play an active part in my life.
It is my sincere desire to offer my services to anyone who is looking for assistance on their spiritual or healing journey.

"Metaphors are everywhere for those with eyes to see. Living metaphors! How we arrange our lives, even unconsciously. But the truth is self-evident everywhere you look."
-Micah, Elemental Energy Artist-