Elemental Energy Arts is a way to facilitate alignment in “the subtle perception of the way things are.” We bring our clients into clear communication with the innate Wisdom of their body, mind and spirit. In this way, they can come into a loving relationship with who they are, realize that there are choices and opportunities to explore, and gently come into alignment with their Truest sense of Self.

  • Learning how to be guided by their intuition or inner knowing
  • Rediscovering their creative capacity
  • Repairing or initiating nourishing relationships
  • Adopting thoughts and practices that align with soul purpose and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Clearing up past patterns of abuse
  • Resolving hurtful thinking that leads to self-sabotage
  • Recognizing and releasing damaging habitual behavior
  • Changing the epigenetic terrain and genetic expression of unwanted characteristic traits
  • Transforming unconscious energetic imprints that lead to physical and psychological dis-ease