When we connect over the phone, what would you like to have happen in our time together?

Hi there. Here’s a little story to tell:
As a nurse practicing in such specialties as ER/ Trauma, ICU and Surgical Recovery, I thought that I was well versed in the vast array of acute and chronic conditions and their subsequent treatments. However, a miraculous shift awoke inside me nearly a decade ago when I stood beside the hospital bed of my sister-friend Sarah. She was experiencing a health crisis that had our whole family asking how and why. As I gazed down at Sarah, still asleep post-procedure, my heart filled with love for her and I remembered the words of Jesus that I had read throughout my youth, “you will do works greater than these.”

Without further thought, I reached my hands out over her and felt the most intense flow of life-force energy course up and down my body, simultaneously causing a rippling effect within Sarah’s musculature. With amazement I wondered, “could those words of long ago be true?”

The desire to explore this experience has and continues to open doors to opportunities such as being trained and mentored in medical intuition, energy healing, and soul clearing. I have found that by honestly acknowledging what I don’t know through experience, and humbly inquiring into the signatures and impressions of the Divine Presence that animates all things, I continue to cultivate my desire to heal and be whole. This is a perpetual dance barring any self-imposed inertia due to habits, reactions and conditioning. And it’s easy to share this with others.
The sweetness of clearing out blocks has given me the freedom to “think” intuitively from the heart, which perpetuates a more expanded space of Love in my life. My working hypothesis is that this is the great gift of Life that is breathed into each one of us as souls. And the evidence continues to mount as I, and those I connect with, are willing to take responsibility for themselves as children of God.
Being in harmony with our instrument in Creator’s symphony, tuning into energy held within the subtle bodies and the multifaceted gem of existence, is moving me in more graceful patterns. My creative zeal, and insatiable curiosity to know Love and what’s true, continues to inspire my Tantric groove both internally and with my beloved Micah.

The Invitation

How does spirituality, creativity, practicality and fun come into alignment? I’ve been on a grand adventure to find out. Whether expressing my gypsy spirit by exploring culture through travel or diving deep into nature while spending time with farm animals in the forest, the diversity of life has always invoked my playful imagination. Of course, my favorite gateway to Divine expression has been through human relationship. The Beauty of our Life in all of its enchanting formats is constantly whispering for us to grow.